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November 14, 2016


Children with diabetes

RAGDiabetes and members have been involved in Rotary sponsored project for children with diabetes since 2002. We have a long term partnership with IDF’s Life for a Child Program. Here you can learn about the program, countries with activities and educate yourself about opportunities for becoming involved as a volunteer/expert; as a club or district with a global grant or supporting in other ways.

The links for countries as well as the educational materials might be useful for outreach in your own community. This site is rich with information as well as opportunities to prevent children with diabetes from dying for lack of insulin.

Regular information and newsletters are available. The most current is Update #30.

Internation Diabetes Federation – Life for a Child Program

Rotary Factsheet
To survive, children with diabetes need:
    • Insulin injections 2-3 times per day
    • Monitoring of blood glucose
    • Diabetes education
    • Medical Care
  • In developed countries, children with diabetes have full access to care, and can lead healthy and productive lives. In contrast, in the developing world, this care may be unaffordable or unavailable. Some children die quickly, many others are chronically unwell, have trouble completing school and finding marriage partners, and develop early and devastating complications.

    The Life for a Child Program supports diabetes centres around the world caring for these children.

    We now help 1,200 children in 19 countries. During 2009 this will grow to over 4,000 children. We estimate that around 70-80,000 children and youth around the world are in need of support.

    Rotary international is a key partner in the program. Clubs in Australia, USA, Italy and Ireland support children in Nigeria, Cameroon, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Congo through Matching Grants and direct support. Further funds are available from the Eli Lilly Company to match donations from Clubs, in the context of a successful grant to the Rotary Foundation. This leads to double the funds being available.

    How Can You Help

    If your Club is interested in supporting a group of children, or helping build capacity at a diabetes centre in the developing world, or help with vocational training of older youth, then please contact [email protected]

    If you would like to help individually please visit

    If you would like to join the new Rotarian Action Group for Diabetes, Click Here

    Rotarian Action Group for Diabetes
    This Rotarian Action Group is not an agency, or controlled by, Rotary International.

    For more information, contact C. Wayne Edwards at [email protected]
    8983 Eagles Ridge Drive | Tallahassee, FL 32309 | (850) 893-0707

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