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November 14, 2017

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Why a Rotarian Action Group for Diabetes

Diabetes is epidemic in every country of the world.

Here is a link that takes you to the International Diabetes Federation, There you can see the scope of the epidemic. Using this data you can see how diabetes affects your country now and in the future. This is a historic epidemic and we must do our part to intervene. Rotarians can discover the location and address of their own country’s diabetes association.  Reach out and plan local programs to increase awareness and help prevent the spread of this epidemic


A Great World Diabetes Day Story

By: Quentin Wodon
“Today is World Diabetes Day. Last week was World Interact Week. This post is about a great project for children with diabetes in Bolivia that was supported by members of an Interact club in the United States…” Read More Here


Opportunity to Help Save Vision for People with Diabetes

Please review the documents LFAC Retinal Camera Concept Paper (PDF) & Life for a Child with Diabetes Update (PDF) and look at the potential sites where a retinal camera could be used to diagnose diabetic eye disease.


KLES Belgaum India
The establishment of an IDF, Life for a Child (LFAC), supported children’s diabetes program in Belgaum demonstrates the opportunity Rotarians actually have to improve access to insulin and save lives.

Dr. Sujata Jali, a Rotarian from Belgaum, brought a Rotary Group Study Exchange to the USA. After the program she visited her brother in Tallahassee, FL, USA. While in Tallahassee she expressed interest in learning more about diabetes. She visited Dr. Larry Deeb a member of the Rotary Club of Tallahassee, FL USA.


Dr. Jali represented the perfect champion for children with diabetes in Belgaum. The KLE University Hospital diabetes program. A physician interested in children’s diabetes can be connected to the IDF Life for a Child Program. The programs share the bona fides and implement a memorandum of understanding where, in this case, the program in India documented the needs and LFAC offered the potential aid for the program.

In this case Dr. Jali’s foundation could support the insulin needs for the children and LFAC supplies glucose monitoring supplies. More than 100 children have received support.

Dr. Jali’s recent report and photographs show the children at a summer camp. In addition a photograph of insulin stored in a clay pot demonstrates one method to help keep insulin cool in hot environments. Evaporation from the walls of the clay pot helps cool the water and keep the insulin at an acceptable temperature.


Rotarians around the world know champions like Dr. Jali who can be connected with and help save lives of children with diabetes. Get in touch!!


Join Us in Atlanta 2017









Register for the 2017 Atlanta ConventionRAG Diabetes hopes you can join us in Atlanta in June.  We will be in the House of Friendship this year with our booth.  We will be highlighting some of our programs.  We also hope to interest you and your Rotary friends in joining our RAG so we can take the message of the epidemic of diabetes back to clubs and districts and get them energized to start programs and grants to raise awareness as well as prevent and treat diabetes.

Monday, June 12 from 1400-1500 in Room A407 will be the site of the Annual Meeting.  Also, the RAGDiabetes will be hosting Booth # 2817 in the House of Friendship from Saturday to Wednesday from 9:00 to 6:00.  We will need volunteers to assist with the manning of the Booth if you are available for a  4 hour tour.  Thanks, and look forward to meeting you in Atlanta.

Please be sure to join us in Atlanta


How to find a Diabetes Project in Rotary Showcase

Sign into the member section of then copy this link:

search for diabetes as a key word and you will find lots of projects and ideas!!!


Rotarian Action Group for Diabetes
This Rotarian Action Group is not an agency, or controlled by, Rotary International.

For more information, contact C. Wayne Edwards at [email protected]
8983 Eagles Ridge Drive | Tallahassee, FL 32309 | (850) 893-0707

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